Need help with splash screen

I got this cool splash screen for the Dice website that I built. From ScreamDesign. You can customize your text and images and sound effects. Their how-to links were unavailable but I figured out how to put it on my site.

The thing is, I want this clip to play in a medium-size window that opens in the centre of your screen. You kow, like a pop-up frame. Then after it's done playing you click on the arrow and go right to the main page.

Does anybody know how to do this? I'd really appreciate your help. Right now the clip plays in the middle of the white page with stupid Bravenet links on top. Not good...

HELP! :eek:


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I would help you if I had any experience with that. :rolleyes: :confused:
lol SOS, that's really helpful, man. :D Reminds me of that line from Ford Fairlane.

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You go to this website. It belongs to a friend of mine. He gave me his permission. Look at the source code, cut n paste.

Wizard's web page

Good luck. :)