Need some help from photoshop pro's..


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OK long story short heres a few pics of 2 guys who screwed the independant wrestling comapny over that I work for in Buffalo. One of which (the cowboy guy) was our world champ at the time...they went to work for another company and now bash our company and us who work there. I want to get a little revenge and give our guys a good laugh at these douch bags.

So if anyone can do anything with these pics (the gayer the better), I am not really creative when it comes to this, so i dont really have any ideas. I know you guys (and gals) know what you are doing when it comes to photoshop. If you can make any animations with them too that would be sweet (if I am not mistaken the 2 pics of Blackjack Phoenix (the cowboy) look like maybe he could be stroking a cock into his mouth....)

I am so illiterate with photoshop and I appreciate the help.



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well if you want them to look gay, it appears they are doing fine on their own... I will try and hook a bruthah up