Need to shit? Drink this.


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If they are anything like the other kind of drinks.. they do shit for me (No pun intended).. although they are yummy and fruity...

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Like I need anything more than Dunkin Dognuts coffee... one whiff and a turd is racing out my sphincter like an olympic bobsled.

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I drank the mango one and i shit all night. the next day i tried the blueburrrry one and the next morning i shit and it literally felt like my intestines were being drained.


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I have drank all of the Naked Juice products and have yet to shit on myself.


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nice sand castle...

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They have one called super green or something, it looks like leprechaun jizz, but man is it tasty.

No shitting, but some of the worst heartburn ever.


Lots of vodka then Lorenzo's pizza at 2 am.
I wind up shitting 30 min after getting up.

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I am gonna give this stuff a try. Not because I need help shitting, but just because it looks pretty good. I'll report back.


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Naked Juices rock, love the stuff in the morning. Mighty Mango is the best.

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if I need to shit all I have to do is go to dairy queen and get an ice cream cone. since I had my gall bladder ripped out a few years ago that shit just shoots right through me. I gotta be within 5 minutes of a terlet from the time I order one, which is kind of hard for me since I have a huge phobia with public potties, so I pretty much have to drive straight home.


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I like the berry one myself. And unlike the others doesn't give me the shits...

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I love blueberry pancakes, but lately, every time I eat them it ends up leading to a horror show in the toilet bowl.


I gotta return some video tapes.
I just drink a few Coronas. A few of those and I'm ready to give birth.