Never Eating Sweet Potatoes Again

I've always heard that sweet potatoes can give you gas and bloating.
But I've never tried them because of the orange color, I've just always thought they look gross.
Like giant mushy carrots.

Well last night, I had this GIANT one, skin on (Which i now read is where the "Gas" is). My Dad made them, in some kind of whiskey/brown sugar sauce(?)

Now, I can hardly stand up without crazy gas pains. I keep shitting and farting over and over and no relief...

Disgusting orange pieces of shit. I'm going back to normal potatoes.
(They were very good though)

DR. Jimcy M.E.

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Your dad left the skin on? No one eats the skin on them. Its not a baked potato.
He did...
He said he washed them, and they were fine to eat. They actually tasted better with the skin because it gave it some crispness, without they are... soft carrot colored potatoes.

I think I more so liked the sauce than the potatoes, I'd eat normal potatoes in that next time.


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I eat a couple Sweets a week. We serve them at my restaurant and they are great. I never have eatin the skin though. We also serve a brown sugar sauce too much sweet together for me unless you want desert.

DR. Jimcy M.E.

I bring love and cheer.
I steam mine and mash them up with a little butter. Not overly mushy like a carrot but hearty like a potato.

Creasy Bear

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My shanty Irish intestinal tract can handle any variety of potato without so much as gurgle.

But if I put some oily, garlicky, tomatoey wop food in there... lookout! It's like WWIII in my gut complete with the nuclear option.


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Hate sweet potatoes. Just don't like em.

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Dude, you never eat the skin unless they're fried and cut into little french fries.


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Blech. Never was a fan if those. I prefer savory over sweet foods so gimmie Idaho spuds with plenty of salt pepper and butta.


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I love sweet potatoes and I've eaten sweet potato skins. Also, sweet potato fries > regular fries. They never give me gas either.


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I just boil them or put them in microwave and eat the skin all the time. Never bothered me. I did hear there is something in the skin and in raw sweet potatoes that can mess with your body's digestion of meat and there is quite a bit of fiber in them if you eat the skin, too. That could be it. Did you eat lots of meat with them? Because I think of it as more of a breakfast thing.


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I've never heard of anyone eating the skin short of leaving it on the fry.


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Love sweet potato fries with some BBQ.
Gas is just a bonus.


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Sweet potatoes are fucking great. Don't think I've ever eaten the skin though, except in fry form.


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i like to make mashed sweet taters with chorizo
otherwise theyre too sweet


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I bake them with chili powder and a lil olive oil diced with the skins on. Very tasty.