New 8800GT vid card

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Nvidia just dropped the bomb on video card owners....the 8800GT. Basically, it competes (and in some cases beats) with the 8800GTS and GTX for only $250-$290.

Since I had RMA'd my 7950GT KO from EVGA ( in August, I am still in the Step-Up program. Yesterday, I applied and was approved to step up to the 8800GT....for only the cost of shipping. $22!

The baseline GT is a beast itself and the Overclocked versions actually beat the GTX on some benchmarks.


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Very nice video card. If I upgrade within the next couple months, I'l be buying either a 8800GT or a radeon 3800 series (competes with 8800GT, comes out in 2 weeks).


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I would love to pick up one of those too. I need to get a new processor and I'll be pretty up to date


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Play Crysis with it,its still a slideshow.I would`nt waste my money on crap like that,wait for the high end card.


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I'm 406 in line for the step up at eVGA. All the benchmarks kick my 320MB 8800 GTS in the balls.
Will it be DX10.1 compliant? MS is making me sick with all the current Nvidias not being 10.1 compliant.


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yeah..was just reading about the the card out yet? Newegg has a bunch on their site but all not in stock.

I'd get it...but my stupid 3.4ghz P4 would probably bottleneck the card so bad.