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doesnt get the bit guy
No this isnt about the Bobby Brown band from the eighties. This is just to announce the birth of my baby daughter. She was born today Aug 29th at 5:43pm, 6lbs 14oz 191/2" long and just an amazing little wonder. Mother and daughter are fine and labor was an excruciating 45min. My wife is a trooper.

Thats all I have, you have no idea how burnt out I am.


Keep on Rockin.


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Congratulations Brother, hows it feel to be a Dad? Tiresome already huh? lol. I am very happy for you. Great name and I have been told that there is nothing like the first being a girl. Congrat's big time and try to enjoy it. Tell Mrs. Precious I said congratulations and I hope she is doing well. Get ready for parenthood. :) Seriously, good luck to both of you. :)


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Congrats Dp on being a new daddy....
I wish you and Mrs. Precious all the best and God Bless Little Precious...
it is a great feelin being a parent you will for sure love it...
and what a beutiful name you guys named her
this is very good news
Lots of luck Hun
Congrats dude. Reading that brought back lots of memories and I know how truly stoked you are. It has got to be one of the greatest feelings in the world. Trust me it gets better though. Drop me a line when you are so exhausted you can't remember the last time you sleep, you have spit up all over your shirt, the diaper genie is overflowing (again) and you can't get that damn nursery rhyme out of your head. LOL Actually on second thought if you have any time to do anything, just relax and enjoy. You will love being a dad and when you need to vent I am here for ya dude. Been there, done that and survived. Best of luck to the whole family


congrats man!
i have a 3 1/2 yr old daughter,they'll never cease to amaze ya!

good luck to baby darth precious!

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Congrats DP!
Wish you and your family all the happiness
there is. My daughter and son in law had a baby on June 13th, and that little guy is the whole focus of my life now.
You're in for so much fun now, congrats again.
Hey darth, is she hot??
Nah, just kidding, congrats bro. wish u and your family lots of luck. ;)


hey darth,when she is old enough to get her video tapes to watch..listen very caryfully ok....elmo,big bird all thst shit COOL!!!

but barney fegitaboutit...barney brainwashes took me a 6monthes to get my daughter ,Alanis ,to get her off of be carefull!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:


hey darth,this is no disrespect intended,but when you said new aditionit brought me back!!they were the fist tape i ever bought outta my own money, here we go::

mr.telephone man
there's something wrong with my line
when i dial my baby's number i get a click
every time!!!


doesnt get the bit guy
You guys are all great...thanks for the kind words of support. I wholeheartedly agree on the barney issue the big purple dino is going nowhere near my kid.....sesame street is just fine. No teletubbies either....that show is just creepy.
That is good planning about Barney and Teletubbies, but just to let you in on a little secret you are bound to find out soon enough. You really don't have that much control over the issue. The next few years you little ray of sunshine will be calling the shots. The best piece of advice I can give ya is just let her watch what she wants and don't make a big deal over Barney or anyother shows you are against. It will only make her want it more. I know that sounds weird and that you wouldn't think a child that young would think that way, but trust me they do. Just got through a Winnie the Pooh birthday party which was okay, but the one year birthday party was a teletubbies party. Trust me when nothing but Barney will keep her content and quiet you will learn to deal and might actually think Barney is okay. Just as long as she will be quiet and give you a break anything will seem like a blessing. Like I said earlier, if you want to talk or just need to vent drop me a line. You will do fine, just enjoy the time, it goes by way to fast.