New Board coming, Check it out

This is the new Board we will me migrating to in about 2 weeks, for now ..feel free to post whatever you like on it.

All posts on that board will be deleted when I switch the board over!

your already on the new board!!!

Now excuse me while I go get drunk


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Dude it looks great. I will make a nicer sign though. I don't like the way the sign looks with that sharper lettering. Give me a few days. I like it though.


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the board is good. but why can't i log in to it
Just got word that the "converter" (to move members and posts over to the new board format) will be ready in two TWO weeks.

the new board has many new features, it has all that we have already including

custom status
whos online

heres a partial list of whats "new"

YOU decide what colors you want to view the board in. (called "skins")


A much better PM system now called "messenger" you can also enable a pop-up feature for new messages

view counter for threads


ability to log in anonomously (without being in whos online)

pick your own avatar from any site on the web

and more that I cant think of right now.


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the board look good so far from the last time i checked it out :D


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Hey Stingray....If you need help with the board or coding, let me know....I've been workin with IB for over a year now and know all the in's and out's.


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I expected nothing less then greatness from ya Stingray. Looks great