New Disturbed song


Yeah....Wait What?
Was just listen to SquiZZ and they mentioned a new song from Disturbed is on the Transformers soundtrack so I found it downed it and here you go I love it now just waiting for there new album cant wait.
Disturbed This Moment


Enough of this palaver!
thanks for the link!

Disturbed is working on a new cd already? 10000 Fists was really good...seen them live last year too. Hopefully the new cd will be just as good.


"Its SIRIUS XM The XM Is Silent"
FUCKIN ROOOOOOOOOOOOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its so nice to hear rock making a come back! Wow Im loving this song!!


Have been the largest Disturbed fan on earth since their inception, nice find.

Sounds like every other Disturbed song, and thats why its good lol....Im a big fan of there last album, it shows that they know what real metal is and i respect that cuz there first album was bad nu metal....They turned around for the best.