new Iced Earth w/ new singer Stu Block

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massive IE fan, esp a huge barlow & ripper fan, so i was nervous about hearing stu on vocals. (how many other bands have had 5 singers/6 vocalist changes??). gotta admit, i'm pretty excited for this album on the 18th. their re-recording of Dante's Inferno with Stu isn't quite the same without Barlow's voice... but it's decent.

New song:

Dante's Inferno 2011:
I tried to listen to the re-recording of "Dante's Inferno". But like you said it wasn't the same without Barlow's vocals.

Having said that, I have heard some good reviews about the new singer and the new material. So I'm looking forward to Dystopia.

Got One?

.....and she was a stewardess.
yeah stu's "nice" singing voice isnt nearly as good as matt or tim. but his heavy growling voice is quite impressive. IE is one band i'll buy every album for, because even the ones that don't blow you away are still great. like Crucible.

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Who was the vocalist on the album Horror Show?

That's the only one I'm familiar with. And I loved it.


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Wasn't the same? I'm so sick of the Barlow biased fans. They were good without Barlow then Great with him, Good without, good with him and now they are just as good as always. The Dante's Inferno rerecord is beautiful. Here is a new original song with Stu. Jon hasn't sounded this determined since Dark Saga.
I don't consider myself a Barlow biased fan and I'll be the first one to say that I thought Tim "Ripper" Owens did an amazing job when he was in the band. Hell one could say that band had more success when it came to record sales in the United States when Ripper was the vocalist.

Having said that, there are certain songs that sound great with Barlow singing and he can't be replaced on them. I happen to think "Dante's Inferno" is one of them. The same goes for "Dracula".

Like I said before, I'm looking forward to seeing what Stu sounds like on Dystopia. I haven't listened any of the samples yet because I like hearing it for first time when I purchase the CD.

I do have to laugh at you saying that John hasn't sounded this determined since The Dark Saga. Most Iced Earth fans aren't too fond of that album and some will even say that's when the band changed its sound. I don't happen to feel that way.

Plus you don't think John was motivated when he was bringing the Set Abmoninate story line to fruitation.
Can't wait to get this on cd. Always loved their packaging and artwork. Stu block sounds like a NASCAR drivers name.