New Jersey Cops in Trouble For Making Rap Music

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Maurice "Gat The Great" Gattison under fire by his police department after releasing a handful of rap videos last year.
Irvington, New Jersey police officer Maurice Gattison, who goes by the stage name “Gat The Great,” has found himself under investigation due to several music videos the cop/rapper released last year. Gattison, who also serves as president of Irvington's police union, joins three other police officers who were also singled out thanks to the music videos and are under investigation as well.
“There’s a lot of other things that could be dealt with if you wanted to do an article," Gattison revealed to The Star-Ledger. "Not what I’m doing in my personal life just singing a song.”
Gattison’s lawyer, Anthony Iacullo, is confident that there will be no charges filed against his client since he believes Gattison was merely exercising his first amendment right.
“He is someone who has chosen to express himself through the song in lyrics that you have heard. It is his constitutional right to in fact do so," said Iacullo. "He has exercised his first amendment rights and we anticipate that there will be no charges, criminally or departmentally.”
As of now it is unclear what repercussions Gattison could face given the results of the investigation against him.

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he should stick to being a cop. his rapping blows goats


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BTW Irvington makes Newark look like a resort town


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He is in trouble for THE CONTENT of the lyrics
Not the fact he is a rapper

Also it isn't cop's but a single cop

He has appeared in numerous videos. One features Gattison rapping about drinking, using an anti-gay epithet and calling himself a “felon for life.” In one scene Gattison, clad in a fur coat, sits in a car and tells others they might have to meet a Smith & Wesson. He then briefly points his finger at the camera as though he’s firing a gun.
A cop calling himself a "felon for life" & using anti-homo remarks opens up the door to two things
Potential lawsuits when someone gets arrested & how stupid this idiot is for posting this publicly knowing he would get called on it

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he should stick to being a cop. his rapping blows goats
How could you possibly tell? That's like tossing a bag of garbage into a dumpster and then saying "You know, that just doesn't have the melodic content the last sack of refuse had."