New Jersey football players rewarded for honesty after paying at store with no employees


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This is getting a good amount of coverage. Most don't include pics for some reason.

Published August 28, 2013
| Associated Press

WAYNE, N.J. – Four New Jersey college football players are being rewarded for their honesty.

The members of the William Paterson University football team each received $50 gift cards after surveillance cameras captured them paying for some batteries and sunglasses even though no employees were around.

Buddy's Small Lots in Wayne, N.J., was actually closed Sunday night. But the lock malfunctioned and the lights were on, making it appear as though it were open.

Cameras showed the men calling out for a clerk. Two can be seen depositing cash on the counter, one waving bills in the direction of a camera.

One of the players, Thomas James, tells News 12 New Jersey not everyone is a thief.


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You know what they were thinking:


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"Not everyone is a thief".
True but for every honest one there's hundreds of thugs.


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That's a lesson learned by a few young men from New Jersey after cameras caught them doing the right thing at a local store.

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Men enter closed store by accident, pay for purchases
Posted: Aug 26, 2013 11:35 PM PST Updated: Aug 27, 2013 5:20 AM PST

A group of young men thought the store was open because the door was unlocked and lights were on. (Source: News 12 New Jersey/CNN)

WAYNE, NJ (News 12 New Jersey/CNN) - It pays to be on your best behavior, even when you think no one is watching.

That's a lesson learned by a few young men from New Jersey after cameras caught them doing the right thing at a local store.

Sunday night, the management of Buddy's Small Lots got the after-hours call all retailers fear.

"We got a phone call at the police department saying there had been a break in at the store," Marci Lederman of Buddy's Small Lots said.

But when they got to the store, nothing appeared out of place. But the eye in the sky sees everything, so they went to the video tape.

The cameras caught it all. A handful of young men cautiously enter the store before heading downstairs.

They do a little shopping, calling out to a clerk who never shows up. After doing a little mental math, the guys decide to pay for sunglasses and batteries, even though no one's around to force them.

So how'd this happen?

At around 7 on a Sunday, the shopping mall is still open, including the pharmacy and grocery store on either side. But Buddy's Small Lots was closed, although you wouldn't know it because the lock on the door had malfunctioned.

The system also leaves most of the lights on, so employees admit it pretty much looks open.

Buddy's just opened their Wayne location, and the store's leadership says they're happy to be a part of such an honest community.

"Buddy's really wants to thank them, so we'd love for them to come forward and tell us who they are so that we can give them some gift certificates and hopefully just say thank you in person," Luke Margolis said.

On camera, they've already left a good impression.

I think hell hath frozen over...



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Hahahaha! Even when they behave they're still young persons.
I'm pretty sure those men entered the closed store on purpose. Their purpose was to purchase sunglasses and batteries.



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Pfft, they didn't care about being honest, just football eligible.


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Would have been the first GTR I would have lost even with the football player clue.