New Jersey has a secret study on Toll Roads going on, with a company from London


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New Jersey officials today handed over to a Mercer County judge a secret study of traffic and revenue trends on state toll roads.

Superior Court Judge Linda Feinberg requested the analysis, which is being used by Gov. Jon Corzine to devise a plan that would let a new state agency borrow billions of dollars and repay the debt with higher tolls.

Corzine wants to use the windfall to finance long-lasting public improvements such as new bridges and schools without driving up the state budget. But his looming proposal has become a political issue because the administration has refused to release the report before Tuesday's election.

Feinberg will privately review the highway study before announcing on Nov. 16 whether she will agree to a Republican request to make the document public. GOP members insist that since taxpayers already have forked over $800,000 for the study, the public should be allowed to see the data collected by a British consulting firm, Steer Davies Gleave of London.

Administration officials insist they always intended to release the document but not until the consultants finish their work.


Spreading the Virus on NJ GSP 91 to 148
I hate this fuckin' state. Fuckin' hate it. How bout instead if trying new ways to milk the working class, we do something about the families spitting out more kids to collect more welfare? Or maybe consider that possibly not ALL of the 25,000 jewish homes that are getting away with being tax exempt may not actually be churches, or places of worship, or whatever the fuck their called. FUCKETY FUCK FUCK!!!

The friggin' tolls on the GSP were meant to pay for the construction of the road then be taken down in the first place. I travel every day from exit 91 to exit 48. Between the car insurance, the tolls, the price of gas, and the fuckin' assholes on the road I would probable take home more money if I just worked at the local Home Depot part time.

Fuck me MJ, ya got my blood pressure up again :arrrh: Or as Anthony would say "In a tizzy". Liiinger Longer!


Another girrrrl!!!
If you hate the parkway so much, find another way to get to work, move, or find another job. Driving on the parkway isn't mandatory. I hate the tolls, too, but you *can* do something about it.

How about the state just freeze the budget and/or cut spending?

Kris_LTRMa's Ma
Cute trick, not releasing the results before the election. I thought they were already raising the tolls for repairs to the NJ Turnpike? Is this to justify boosting the tolls more?