New Jersey High School Teacher charged with stalking two boys


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A Warren County teacher who allegedly sent unwanted gifts to two boys and hacked into a computer to send a false instant message "breaking up" with the girlfriend of one of the students was arrested on stalking and related charges, authorities said today.

Richard Naylor, 39, a North Warren High School typing and word processing teacher who lives in Croydon in suburban Philadelphia, was sent to the Warren County jail and released after making his $25,000 bail.

Naylor, who also was a volunteer wrestling coach for the school, was charged with one count of third-degree computer criminal activity, two counts of fourth-degree stalking and three disorderly persons counts of harassment.

He was removed from North Warren last Monday, police said.

Police said that on or around Jan. 1, Naylor logged onto a student's America On Line account by altering the student's password, then sent "a false and alarming instant-message."

Authorities said around that time Naylor stalked two male students, in effect telling them he wanted to "hurt them like they have hurt him" and also sent unwanted gifts to their homes.

In an affidavit of probable cause, Detective Sgt. Thomas Leahy of the State Police barracks at Hope said Naylor sent "a series of unwanted communications" in person or by computer instant messages.

"The communications continued and became threatening in nature - even after Mr. Naylor was advised by the students, school staff and students' parents to stop," Capt. Al Della Fave, a State Police spokesman in Trenton, said today.

State Police got involved after Trooper Adam Drew, the school resource officer, advised them of a problem between Naylor and a student.

Naylor has been a teacher with the district for around a decade.

His computer hard-drive was seized and will be analyzed by the State Police digital technology investigation unit, Della Fave said.

Naylor also was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation, police said.

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