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Democrat of course. The day they try to take blood from me over some simple misdemeanor is the day I become a felon. I swear to god I will make work for ever single fucking drop of blood.

A New Jersey lawmaker wants minor criminals, including shoplifters, to turn over DNA samples, which he says will help clear up unsolved crimes, according to a report.
The bill, which was introduced in Trenton by state Sen. Nick Sacco (D-Hudson County), would require adults and juveniles convicted of disorderly persons offenses to submit a sample under the state’s DNA Database law, according to the Jersey Journal.
“We have to give the law enforcement community every tool possible to fight crime,” Sacco told the Jersey City newspaper. “By expanding DNA sampling to anyone convicted of a crime, we can greatly increase the accuracy and effectiveness of the database.”
If the legislation passes, anyone in the state who is convicted of a first- to fourth-degree crime would be required to hand over the sample after a conviction.
Disorderly persons offenses in New Jersey include shoplifting items worth less than $200, criminal mischief, defiant trespass, simple assault, disorderly conduct and prostitution.
Some say the law is a violation of privacy rights.
“It’s just more Big Brother watching,” Calvin Hart, president of the Jersey City NAACP chapter and a retired Jersey City detective told the Jersey Journal. “People don’t trust law enforcement as it is . . . It’s another invasion of privacy.”
The bill is being currently reviewed by the state’s Senate Law and Public Safety Committee

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I doubt It will even come close to passing though.


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Nanny state stuff like this is so out of character for jersey


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It will never pass. Stop trying to give Kirk a hard on, OWB.


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[Dice]I gave his daughter a DNA sample...

Right in her pussy! Ohhhhhhh!!! [Dice]

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I won't support it for anything other then a felony. I seriously doubt this will pass.


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It will never pass. Stop trying to give Kirk a hard on, OWB.
Are you sure about that? NY already has the law where they will take your DNA for small stuff like jumping a subway turnstile and NJ is a bigger nanny state than NY.

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Yeah...what one retard wants done is speaking for the whole state. What utopia do you live in, genius?
He lives in a sheltered mountain town where they believe that the theory of DNA is lie concocted by the Darwinists in order undermine the truth of Biblical creationism.