New Jersey lawmakers vote to abolish death penalty

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Yet another example of how this state continues to show more concern for criminals as opposed to law-abiding citizens.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
they want to destroy a dog for doing its job yet let murders live? i hope they all get ass cancer


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they'll never use it.. hey keep voting democrat assholes and we can become california 2. bunch of sissies, what do you expect all the inner city shithole schools get all the money from the state. even though what maybe 50% graduate. I've worked in these schools they have state of the art cpu networks with savages who can't use a cpu!!! hey and while were at it our "great" state caters to illegal aliens. hey lets build them benches to sit and wait to get picked up by contracters and landscapers. Charge them nothing for health care and make sure someone can speak spanish everywhere you go. fuck nj


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My only problem is when someone sentenced to death gets commuted to "life" which leads to the opportunity for parole. This state is fucked beyond belief.


Fuckin' hate Jersey
except for fishing downtheshore


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Michelle Malkin has a list of several wretched excuses for human beings who have had their death sentences commuted because of this travesty. One of them is the man who killed Megan Kanka, which is what led to the creation of "Megan's Law".

Congrats, Jersey.

You fucking people nauseate me.

Sinn Fein

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What a disgrace... I wish the victims families could file suit or something to stop this nonsense... But, we all know that won't happen.


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This is a step in the right direction.

Kill them with kindness, that's what I say.

I'm actually writing my congressman today to suggest throwing parties for convicted murderers on the anniversaries of their crimes, having jacuzzis installed in state penitentiaries, and once a week pedicures. I have also come up with a holiday program I affectionately dub "Christmas For Cutthroats", where the good citizens of this state can donate money to the convicts, so that they may feel the kindness of strangers during the lonesome holiday nights in their cells. Knowing that a brutal rapist/murderer will not be left wanting for anything during this time of year warms my heart. My check is in the mail.

If you would like to join in my crusade, please register at the following site:


Another girrrrl!!!
Yeah, but it had never been used since it was re-implemented so it's not like "abolishing" it is really going to change anything.
Maybe this time we won't let death row inmates commute their sentance to "life in prison" which equals "opportunity for parole."