New Jersey State panel pushes minimum-wage boost to $8.25 per hour


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Jan 26, 2005
State panel pushes minimum-wage boost to $8.25 per hour
The Associated Press
Friday December 21, 2007, 9:03 AM

A state commission has recommended that New Jersey immediately increase the minimum wage to $8.25 per hour and then boost it annually to keep pace with inflation.

New Jersey's minimum wage is $7.15 per hour. The Minimum Wage Advisory Commission, in its first report since it was created by legislators two years ago, determined it should be increased to $8.25 per hour followed by cost-of-living adjustments each year.

The minimum wage increase would have to be approved by the Legislature and Gov. Jon Corzine.

It would give New Jersey the nation's highest minimum wage, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

The state panel found the $7.15 per hour level is no longer adequate to maintain the same purchasing power as when it was implemented in October 2006.

"New Jersey's minimum-wage workers are struggling to make ends meet," said Labor Commissioner David Socolow, the chairman of the Minimum Wage Advisory Commission. "Without an immediate increase in the minimum wage and annual cost-of-living increases every year these workers fall even further behind."

At $7.15 per hour, a minimum wage worker earns about $2,000 less than the federal poverty level of $17,160 per year; an $8.25 per hour wage would bring that worker even with the poverty level.

New Jersey would be the 11th state to automatically increase their minimum wage based on inflation rates. Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Vermont and Washington already have such a policy.

"Minimum-wage workers in New Jersey need a raise and a real opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty through their hard work," Socolow said.

However, some say the increase would be too much, too soon.

"Small businesses that rely on entry level minimum wage employment simply cannot afford this increase in a single step," said Philip Kirschner, president of the New Jersey Business & Industry Association. "As these businesses struggle to try to cope with other rising costs such as energy and transportation, they simply can't afford a 55 percent increase in wages over three years."

In 2005, the state's minimum wage started at $5.15 per hour. The Legislature increased it to $6.15 per hour that year, then to $7.15 per hour in 2006.


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Apr 2, 2005
South Jersey
Who the fuck is making minimum wage & not still living at home? What 16 year old needs to make that much?
Are you retarded? How the hell do you expect them to shop at Hot Topic, buy loud muffler attachments and get new wheels for their piece of shit Toyata Camrys?
Jul 13, 2006
Who the fuck is making minimum wage & not still living at home? What 16 year old needs to make that much?
Me :( I'm in college and I work part-time at a TV station for a huge corporation (people who own Oprah) and they pay the least possible and try to have their staff made up of part-timers because they don't want to have to pay benefits for full-time. Surprise surprise, there is no appreciation for employees that aren't on camera.

I get paid $7.40 an hour so it works out to like $8,000 a year before taxes. But even in small markets in places like Lancaster, Pennsylvania( ) they pay their people like $16.00 an hour if they have worked there for a while. They do the same shit I do.

It's dogshit and I want to do a presentation about it before I leave. They are the people busting balls about how people screw their employees out of money and how low they pay people, yet they do the same exact thing. The only people who get paid a lot are the "talent" because they smile and talk on TV.


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Apr 24, 2005
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Then perhaps you need to find a different job. I worked full time while I went to school full time. I have no sympathy for anyone over the age of 18 that is still making minimum wage. If you're suffering for your art, more power to you, but I don't want to hear about it.

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Aug 29, 2002
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Fuck... $8.25 an hour.

I agree with what HT is saying. Realistically, there should be a minumum wage for people over 18, and a smaller amount for people under 18.

Minimum wage was $3.35 an hour when I got my first job at 16. And that's what my starting rate was. I got bumped to $3.50 an hour after 6 months. A short time after that, they had trouble hiring new people so they started new hires at $3.50 an hour. I went and demanded more and they said no, so I gave my 2 weeks notice. I was able to find another job the next week for $5 an hour (under the table). Once they saw I was serious about leaving, they offered my $3.75 to get me to stay. I laughed.


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Nov 17, 2006
So the government thinks that some sixteen year old stoner who can't make change for a twenty without a digital cash register to help him out is worth $8.25 an hour. I guess they know better than the guy who owns the fast food franchise and depends on it's profits to create those jobs.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
Aug 23, 2002
every time the minimum wage is raised, every one else that took the time and money to better themselves gets a pay cut.


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Mar 2, 2006
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Fucking 8.25 an hour?? Christ I started at the prison 10 years ago at 10 even after shift differential.