New Mario Galaxy Footage


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Every time I see this game I become disoriented.


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Dude im going to have to stock up on motion sickness pills between now and release date...


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I did not see what the hell was so great about this game from watching past videos, but after watching that video I am super excited to get this game.


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I'm really interested to see how the levels and structure is set up. All the videos right now show is how bizarre and awesome the graphics are. Can't wait til this comes out.


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Am I the only one who just doesn't see how 'awesome' it is?


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Of course not. Some people don't like Mario games, or 3D platformers in general, so this won't appeal to them at all.

For anyone who knows just how good Mario 64 was though, this is amazing to watch.


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TheJerseyDevil said:
I need a Wii.
Just got back from my friends. I found a Wii for him, bought it and took it to him(it was for his family). I was called a HERO! Now I know how Ronnie B feels.:icon_mrgr


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If you don't have a Wii yet, I feel bad for you.

Best purchase ever, after XM of course.
I was extremely confused watching the video. Looks like the extremely complex 3D world Mario will be in might take some getting used to for people.

But I really want a Wii, and Mario games are some of the best games out there, so if I have the system I'll be playing this.


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Can't wait for this one, the wii music game looks promising too.


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Has anyone seen Super Paper Mario? The vids made me run out and pre-order that!


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It looks like a game full of the shitty mini-games from "Sunshine" where you're on mysterious floating platforms. I don't see it, but they usually come through big-time with Mario so I won't slag it too much until I actually see a finished product.
Looks like a tech demo for the wii-mote. I think I'll need to see it in action to see if there's a real game in there.

The planets looked like a world hub type thing at first, but now it looks like that's all you do.


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Looks very good. I'm interested to see how the controller is integrated into the game, which is the most important part.


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DoughBoy said:
Am I the only one who just doesn't see how 'awesome' it is?
Right here. I was a huge fan of Mario 64....probably the definitive platformer, but I don't see the appeal of hopping around on globes for an entire game.
Doh I should have posted a link to those the other day...

The water and reflections look really good in that opening. It's a shame third parties don't put that much effort into Wii visuals.