New Members, Please Read

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Welcome New Members and New Cities!!

Join our online community!!

Please feel free to post without fear of getting trashed, Our board is different than other ones you might have come across.

There are no "newbies" here, just new members. A new members first post is given as much respect as a member who has 1,000 posts

There is no member bashing here. That is the only bannable offense

You make your own member status here

Our Mods are mega cool and do not wish to be looked up to, or believe they are above anyone else. They will help you with anything you want to know.

Do not be afraid to post, No one will tool on your post unless they know you and are doing it in fun. You dont have to read the faq. or learn rules or any of that bullshit, Just ask your question or post your opinion... You will be surprised at the kind of responses you get. We are a community and we are LOOKING for new members to join us

We have ONE rule: No troublemaking or fighting with other members thats it, thats the only rule. If you are from a new O&A market feel free to post your opinion. If you think O&A suck, thats an opinion, and opinions are welcome here.... Just put them in the appriopriate forum... O&A related posts go in GENERAL DISCUSSION, posts not relating to O&A go in OFF TOPIC, etc. If you post in a wrong forum, A moderator will move it to the appriopriate forum. so If you dont see your post it was not deleted just moved...

Any questions? post them here, and I or one of the members will answer them.

To make your own custom status (the sentence underneath your name) just fill in that field in My Profile

same goes for avatars (the picture under your name)

you may also use a Sig pic.

All vital O&A links are located on the sidebar and open in the main window (instant feedback, stinkycam etc) The sidebar is great because you can stay on one site and go from instant feedback to the stinky cam to foundrymusic and back to the messageboard in one window.

Thanks for Joining Wackbag.Com

(Board owner)

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Hi everyone, I have been an O&A listener for 2 years now, and I am new to this board. I just wanted to introduce myself, and let you all know I really like this board, and will do the best I can to contribute to posts. I defenitely like the atmosphere of this board, and eveyone here seems friendly and helpful. Also, I would like to thank Storm Trooper for answering my questions in IM about this board, I appreciate that. I look foward to getting to know you, and reading your posts... Thanks for making me feel welcome.

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Hey Shutup welcome to wackbag babes
Glad you feel nicey nice here.....
Anytime you need help let us know we are here for ya...Enjoy your Stay
Nice one Stingray, Very well said. Welcome Shutup, and all other new members. You'll have fun here... ;)


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Welcome aboard Roooinit, I'm glad you feel welcome. Enjoy the board.

I just wanted to introduce myself, and let you all know I really like this board, and will do the best I can to contribute to posts.
That's the way to be. :D Good having you here.


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Ok now bow down to me and your second post should be all about how you worship the HarryMeister!!!!!!!!!!!KIDDING welcome to the coolest site on the net wackbag has it all
welcome once again... ;)


hey i just found these boards last night and they rock,i'm new to o&a. we've only had them in philly for a couple of months.but they're kickin ass here already!
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