New Minnesota State Fair foods: Lamb testicles, camel burgers and bacon ice cream


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This year is your chance to try some lamb balls -- yes, that kind -- at the Minnesota State Fair.
Holy Land Deli owner Madji Wadi, who created this year's most interesting new Fair food, thinks the testicles will go over big.
"Minnesotans ... if you put garlic in it, they're gonna love it," Wadi said.
Wadi's dish, called "lamb fries," is among the 40 new foods announced Tuesday that will be available at the Fair, Aug. 23-Sept. 3.
Wadi said he decided to serve lamb fries, a traditional Middle Eastern dish of lamb testicles marinated and grilled or deep fried, to showcase his culture. Lamb fries are served on the second day of a wedding celebration and during holy holidays, he said. But just because he's trying to share authentic food with Minnesota doesn't mean Wadi doesn't have a sense of humor about it.
Workers at the Holy Land stand will wear shirts that say: "Go Nuts, Try the Lamb Nuts."
Meat concoctions like camel burgers and beef tongue tacos are new, too.
Maxine Davis of Rainbow Ice Cream thinks her variation on meat is a definite winner: Bacon ice cream.
"It is so good, I can't begin to tell you," Davis said.
The ice cream includes real bacon pieces and candied bacon in ice cream with a hint of maple flavor.
Davis said she heard about bacon ice cream a few years ago, but she wasn't willing to bring it to the Fair until she got the candied bacon right.
She based it on a recipe her mom used to candy orange peel, "but it wasn't
exactly the same." People might be surprised at just how the ice cream tastes like bacon, Davis said.
"It's sort of filling, and it's very pretty and it's got that crunch," she said.
Last year's ice cream standout was Blue Moon Diner's sweet corn ice cream, which will make reappearance this year, Blue Moon owner Stephanie Olson said.
"We had no idea it would take off the way it did," Olson said.
But in an attempt to outdo themselves, she and husband Mike Olson will serve up "Cereal
Two new ice cream treats include Cereal Killer Ice Cream (shown) and bacon ice cream. (Photo courtesy of Minnesota State Fair)

Killer" ice cream, which tastes like the milk left at the bottom of a breakfast cereal bowl. "It's just something that I think appeals to everyone no matter what your age is," Olson said. "A 4-year-old will love it and an 80-year-old will love it. ... You don't talk to anyone who doesn't like breakfast cereal."
The ice cream will be served in a bowl with a little milk creeping up the sides and topped with dry cereal. There are two optional fruit toppings: banana caramel and strawberry balsamic.
Here's a list of other Fair foods that piqued our interest. View the full list here.
Classic walleye roll (modeled after a lobster roll) with Minnesota wild rice and minced celery at Giggle's Campfire Grill.
Duke's poutine: Fries topped with gravy and cheese curds at Duke's Poutine.
Cheeseburger sticks: hamburger, American cheese, pickles and a secret sauce wrapped in pizza dough and served with pickles and sauce at Green Mill.
Chocolate peanut butter cup fudge puppies: Crushed peanut butter cups baked in the middle of a fudge puppy that is dipped in chocolate, layered with whipped cream and a peanut sauce at Granny's Kitchen Fudge Puppies.
Gluten-free Chicago-style or State-Fair-style hot dogs at Chicago Dogs and gluten-free risotto poppers at French Meadow Bakery.
Red velvet funnel cake at Smoothies and Jurassic Dogs.
Wine smoothies at the Minnesota Wine Bistro.
Food slide show at the link:

Some of that shit looks really tasty.


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I ain't eatin anything's balls.


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Lamb Fries are not new..Holy fuck!!


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Without question I'd eat camel burgers and lamb balls.
Walleye is one of the few types of fish that I will eat. So the walleye roll is a given. I'll try the camel burger.

Everything else I'm going to have to say no to.
I'd never eaten walleye before, kinda shameful for a born Minnesotan, but when I was back up there in January, I had some and it was awesome.