New, Muslim Kosovo


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Feb 20, 2005
Guess i'll cancel my summer plans to vacation in Kosovo
Jun 2, 2005
But, but, but, if we invade a country they're going to become good Christians and we should throw more money at "fixing" them! I mean, it worked in Kosovo, it's going to work in Iraq, right?!


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Feb 15, 2005
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I wonder what it would look like if someone were to give one of those heads a good soccer-style kick.


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May 5, 2003
February 22, 2007 (Tanjug) - Former US ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said on Wednesday that ultimatums or imposed solutions could not be the right way to solve the future status of Kosovo.

Bolton is against an imposed solution to the Serbian province of Kosovo that would be unacceptible to the Serbian government because it is unlikely that such a resolution would ever be adopted by the Security Council.

Speaking for the Voice of America, he said that the future status of Kosovo should be acceptable to all sides.

If one side insists on independence, it is evident that there would be no agreement, Bolton said and added he believed that the Serbian government was prepared to offer a high level of independence to Kosovo Albanians and that he hoped that a negotiated solution would be reached.

Bolton said that Serbia could not be divided without the agreement of its government and that this issue was not in the competence of other countries or the United Nations, because this was the new and democratic Serbia and not Milosevic's old Yugoslavia.

It would be unprecedented if the United Nations interfered in the affairs of a country in democratic development and adopted its own solution, he said and added that China and Russia, each for its own reasons which may not have anything to do with Serbia, would not want a precedent to be set in this way.

Bolton said that many at the United Nations believed that under UN Security Council Resolution 1244, the UN Security Council had the right to impose a new resolution if the solution was not acceptable to both sides.

He said he believed that it would be very unwise if the UN Security Council tried to impose any solution - either Ahtisaari's plan or something else, because Russia or China, or both countries, would veto such efforts.

The UN Security Council should continue putting pressure aimed at continuing with the negotiations, refrain from imposing artificial deadlines and insist on goodwill approach to negotiations by both sides and finding of a solution, Bolton said.