New NFL Nike Uniforms for 2012, Real or Fake? [31 Team Pics]

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These have got to be fake. And I pray they are because the Steelers uniform is absolute garbage.



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Oddly, the Cleveland Browns have the same exact uniform.

Its just concept art, Im pretty sure that the teams get final say on what the uniforms look like and a lot of those redesigns would be canned immediately.
Pretty sure they're real... The Cowboys are giving away all of the old licensed stuff for $20 a jersey.
I know the NFL switched from Reebok to Nike. But I didn't realize they were actually changing the designs of the uniforms. So I'm going with fake until I hear otherwise.


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Some of those come off as decent, and some just look like shit. The Patriots one just looks horrible. Also I don't think they are bringing back the old Buccaneer's symbol. Also people in the comments are saying those pictures are old fakes.


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Pretty sure they're real... The Cowboys are giving away all of the old licensed stuff for $20 a jersey.
That's just Jerry trying to get the stench of failure out of the locker room.



Pats uniform looks like a male stripper version of the new Captain America outfit.


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The Eagles, Redskins, and Patriots look the best...

mainly because the shoulders look kinda neat.


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The shorts look so fucking stupid. Some of the jersey designs look cool but the actual construction of the uniforms (especially the shorts, I can't stress that enough) looks incredibly awkward. Maybe they'll look better in real life, but the rendered versions look like shit.
I like how the Jags have cheap stripper leopard print
Rams isn't bad...



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Fake but I actually like that Eagles jersey.


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Eww, look at the faggy wings on the arms.


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all of those are shit except the Raiders' design

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The perspective of the logo on some of the helmets is horrendous

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I believe these are fake. Besides, you're not allowed to show any leg skin in NFL Uniforms.