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Johnny Knoxville, Patton Oswalt Playing Brothers, Troop Leaders

August 22, 2011 0 Comments

There just isn't enough Zach Galifianakis for him to show up every time a fit leading man needs an overweight sidekick to squabble with. Thankfully, we have the very funny Patton Oswalt on-hand to pick up some of the slack. Oswalt, who hasn't really had a leading film role since 2009's perfectly-dark Big Fan, has signed on to star alongside Johnny Knoxville in writer/director Todd Rohal's upcoming "outlandish yet poignant" comedy about two feuding brothers who, in honor of their dying father, lead a group of boys on what becomes a disastrous camping trip. Step Brothers meets Darjeeling Limited meets Daddy Day Camp! Or something like that. Rob Riggle, Maura Tierney, and Patrice O'Neal will also star, providing their respective militant rage, affordable love interest, and racial diversity. Indie drama director-turned-raunchy comedy patron David Gordon Green will executive produce, and presumably fight for the film's freedom to get that comedy R-rating he's so fond of. God willing, no tent pitching joke shall be off limits.

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The premise seems kind of lame but the cast is intriguing. I'd probably watch it.

Anyone else find Maura Tierney very very fuckable?


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Have since Newsradio. I even dig post-cancer bald Rescue Me Maura Tierney
I saw a reading of this script put on by the Sundance Institute, what seems like almost two years ago now, kind of like a play, but they were just sitting in chairs on a stage.

When I saw it the guy that plays Kenny Power's sidekick on Eastbound and Down played the part that I guess Patton will play.

It was funny, maybe even really funny, slightly absurd in parts. I don't remember it having anything to do with a sick dad, there was an elderly scout leader who was part of the story. The good part was they let the kids be edgy, which is something rarely seen lately.

I think this could turn out to be a really funny movie, but Wes Anderson's new movie is slightly similar and has all his usual players, which will probably overshadow this project.


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Didn't Stiffler and Paul Rudd already do this movie?