New Soap Opera: As the Virus Turns


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Mar 10, 2005
As The Virus Turns

Episode: 810

Master Po Vs. Danny

Opie Greg "Opie" Hughes
Anthony Anthony Cumia
The Gay Bear Steve Carlisi
Funny Man Jimmy "Sweet Cheeks" Norton
Pissed off Guy 1 Master Po
Pissed off Guy 2 Danny
Zilch Eric Nagel
AFRO Man Sam
Unfunny Phone Guy/Girl Travis
Cluess Guy Mars

With special appearances by BIG A, Fat Gay Opie, Big Kev, and a host of others

When we last left on Fridee, Master Po was preparing for his radio debut

The radio debut, which appears to have been not quite a bomb but not a hit either stirred much controversy

On todays episode of: As The Virus Turns, we learned that Master Po and Danny hate each other, Master Po snitched to corporate, Steve the Gay bear can be really pissy when someone steals his honey, and Mars is pretty much clueless about what is happening.

Some highlights;

Po and Danny argued
Steve told Danny to shut the fuck up for 2 minutes
EROCK, as usual brought nothing to the table
Mars has no clue what he's doing at XM
Fat Gay Opie said the show interested him
Big A, st t t t t t t t t t t arted to say somthing (then Opie hung up on him)
Big Kev put on a really gay show prior to Master Po
Master Po only communicates with Steve
Danny is the Producer of the weekend shows

Stay tuned for tommorrow's exciting episode of As The Virus Turns, when it will be revealed that Travis is Pregnant with Norton's child, Sam has a small cock for a negro, and Anthony will reveal a deep troubling secret.


Yay! Sigs are back!
Jan 27, 2005
Damn. I see I missed nothing when I went to Deep Tracks after the first 5 minutes of "Ego vs. Ego"