New Sonic the Hedgehog Game. (Sonic Unleashed)

There have been so many bad sonic games i dont care anymore. The only good sonic games were the side scrolling ones. a few decent ones game out for the GBA I'm not sure if any have for the DS though.


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I enjoyed sonic adventure and the sonic game for the 360. The one for the Wii blew balls. But thats because the system made it suck balls.

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That site is blocked at this the Sonic RPG that I heard rumor of?

I have zero confidence in a Sonic game not blowing.


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The last Sonic game I bought blew ass...don't rememeber the it for the 360, sold it within 2 days. Yuck.

However, the Xbox live arcade does have some of the old ones, very cool.

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Here's a video.


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Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 for the Dreamcast were the last of the GOOD sonic games.

Now I'll stick to playing classic Sonic on XBLA