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There's a GTAIV info thread, but a couple threads containing only vague, short updates about another highly anticipated game 'round these parts: SPORE.

So I decided to start this thread, for those of us excited about this game.

Here's some new info about the game, released recently. I think there is a new gameplay video as well.

IGN article:

This part still bothers me:
IGN: You said the DS is going to be shipping the same time as the PC. When is that exactly? There's been some confusion lately…

Patrick Buechner: So as our new CEO John Riccitiello said in his first call with Wall Street analysts back in May was that Spore was tracking toward the cusp of our fiscal year which ends in March of 2008. For business purposes we weren't going to play the launch in this fiscal year and so nothing has changed since then. It's still around that time frame but for business purposes it's being planned for next fiscal year, which begins April 1st.
I understand it's good for biz, but the game should be done before that, seeing as it is already in Alpha stage and about 90% of the game is finished and just needs tuning. It's like Joe Dirt said: "It's not what you want, it's the consumer." Oh well, I'm still excited. I'm getting a new PC when this game comes out.

Here's an old vid of Robin Williams playing around with the creature editor.


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Who are you kidding. This game is never coming out.

Fool me once, shame on me.... fool me twice, -uh -, you won't get fooled again.