New type of text chat

I have changed the text chat to AIM Chat. you must have your AIM (aol instant messenger) on.

clicking on the AIM CHAT link at the top of the page will open a AIM wackbag chatroom.. if noone is in the chat you will be there by yourself If someone clicks the link they will join you and so on. this is for AIM not aol


I speak the human language
I am here bro. It looks pretty chill. There is even voice chat availability. So this should be pretty cool.


I speak the human language
IHON get your ass in thr chat bro. It's at the top of the board. AIM CHAT. Join us bro. TOP^^^^.
Am I just pathetic, or what? I know I'm not on at 1:00am, but I keep logging onto the chat-room, and there's never anyone in there.
It worked great the first day .Where is everybody?
Hello... :)