New Year's Strokin' Eve


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Who is watching? In one of the most absolute fucktard events in recent memory, I don't seem to be able to get an ABC affiliate that is showing it here.

I need to know, and I need to know NOW. How's our lil' stroke victim doing?

CM Mark

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hald a stroke face still soundss like last year

Philly loser

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Looks good. Sounds like shit.
Can't he just retire quietly? I'm not gonna slam the guy. I actually feel bad for the old fucker.


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He just came on TV, and it's sad... it's just sad... can't they just let the guy go into the darkness of the limp-faced night?


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I'd still rather see him than that shitdick Semencrust.


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He does look better. And does sound a little better than last year.


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We were all trying to find the strings that Seacrest was using like Charlie McArthy....LINNNNNNNNGGER LONNNNNNNGGER



as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
me and the old lady did notice that he's looking much better


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He looked a little better this year. His teeth looked really strange though. I'm not sure what was going on there.


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Gotta get that up on youtube when he was looking for his wife, seemed shocked he made it.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
He looked a little better this year. His teeth looked really strange though. I'm not sure what was going on there.
they looked like poorly fitting dentures. its common in older people that were dentures, over the years you mouth changes, and they never get there teeth fixed, its expensive to get them re made every couple of years, and in convenient


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Still sad though. Dick needs to hang it up.


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I'm on the west coast so it only just started here. I'm going to give Dick his dignity, and I'm going to keep mine and not watch it this year. i have too many good memories of this event to have it spoiled by ABC whoring out the old guy... time to call it a day folks..... Happy New Year you guys...


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poor spike feresten asked a couple of puerto rican kids (age 9 or so) about their resolutions on live tv - they answered "quit smoking" and "stop playing lottery".
kind of silly, but it was clear that they were just fucking with spike, because everyone he talked to live, he had done a prep question with. he handled it well "heh, looks like we got some jokers here", but it was clear he was pissed off.
Hey Happy New Years you pile of...people :action-sm

Yeah I saw a little bit of the new years countdown thing since I fucking work for ABC. I was watching ESPN2 though with Robbie Maddison making the world record bike jump of 322' 7.5'' in Las Vegas.

I was recording it in case the sports guys wanted it for the broadcast. I also was just sticking around to see if he fucked up and died. It makes for good TV

I'm going to finish my 64oz mug and get to bed since I have to work tomorrow. Try to not get into trouble you fucks.



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He looked a lot better than last year and he did get the count down right.