New York Cop Threatens to **** Citizen, Caught On Tape


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May 22, 2012

Far too many cops now act like the worst sort of gang-banging thugs and psychopaths. They threaten to **** their victims and sodomize them with weapons bought by citizens, ostensibly to protect the public. Like alpha dogs off the leash, they roam the streets barking commands and filthy insults as they demand obedience from a public they resent.

Recently an example of this disgusting behavior was caught on a cell phone and sent to the New York Post. The NYPD cop responsible, Sgt. Lesly Charles, is now under investigation by the city’s Civilian Complaint Review Board.

Charles was upset by an illegally parked car and launched into a threatening and violent tirade in a restaurant.

“You guys are hustling or whatever, I ain’t got no problem with that. Listen… do your thing,” Charles snarled. “But when I come around and I speak, you f–king listen. Tell your boys.”
“I have the long d–k. You don’t,” he bragged.
“Your pretty face — I like it very much. My d–k will go in your mouth and come out your ear. Don’t f–k with me. All right?”

After the subject of his abuse said he had not done anything wrong, Charles barked, “Listen to me. When you see me, you look the other way. Tell your boys, I don’t f–k around. All right?”
“I’ll take my gun and put it up your a– and then I’ll call your mother afterwards. You understand that?”
“And I’ll put your s–t in your own mouth,” he said.

“I’m here every f–king day. I don’t go home. I have no life. No kids. I do what I do.’’
The man who was the target of this odious abuse was later arrested. He subsequently provided the video to the New York Post.

A police official excused Charles’ behavior because, in the past, “all efforts at civility failed” in dealing with the men who took the video. They are known to loiter and play loud music, prompting complaints from local businesses, law-enforcement sources told the New York Post. “The sergeant was trying to get the message across in a way they could understand,” the source said.


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This may seem like its not a big deal but **** is not a joke, **** is serious business.
He didn't actually try it, nor would a reasonable person think it's a real threat.


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This thread kinda makes me want to try and **** the retard out of Kirk with a plunger.


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Was waiting for this to show up..

His message is one thats gotten away. Respect the Po Po when they come around and we'll be fair with you. Don't and i'll bust your balls whenever I can.

Dick line was stupid.

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When did Mr. Tarkanian paint his skin black and when did he become a cop?
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kirk, just shut up. i have had enough of you. you should not ever talk about anything that is outside your mother's basement.

and the chloroform line is the only response this horseshit should ever receive.


**** is not a joke, **** is serious business.
Somebody is hackifying my computer to hide the truth from me. What isn't a joke? WHAT is serious business??? I MUST KNOW!!!!

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