New Youtube Homepage sucks... New XBOX Live homepage sucks

The Godfather

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What the fuck happened? Is this ''fuck up the ease of use of your service" month?


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everything sucks

they should just leave well enough alone

I don't use an Xbox but was anybody complaining?

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just like politicians


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Are you 65 years old? It takes four minutes to figure out the new platforms.

Norm Stansfield

I despise pointless changes in website layouts. It doesn't add anything, and it invariably ruins things the developers couldn't possibly know about. For instance, on youtube, good uploaders got into the habit of naming their vids just long enough to give plenty of info, but short enough for the entire title to be revealed in the little "suggested videos" box on the right side.

Guess what: the amount of text you can see now is shorter than it used to be. Every vid title just ends in a ... People went out of their way to make their uploads easy to browse, and youtube fucked it up for not reason whatsoever.


PR representative for Drunk Whiskeyguy.
It's not about figuring out the platforms, it's about the platforms sucking.
Personally I don't mind them at all. I think the Youtube one is better than the previous version.

Plus I'm pretty sure you can customize Youtube with skins/extensions if you use chrome.


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I don't like the new Xbox interface either. I like how it has full Kinect support for Netflix but it's very choppy and the huge Netflix buttons stay on the screen for thirty seconds after you play the movie, and I've had instances where I will finish an episode of something, start the next one, only to have it show me the end of the next episode that I've never seen.


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The new youtube is bad. Now Gmail is going to change it's look too :(


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Why is it that whenever a site or a service dumbs down the interface, it actually becomes more complicated?