Nexus/XM Passport Question


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Feb 21, 2007
About a month ago, I made a thread about Inno questions. I was hoping to get one for Christmas. I didn't get an inno, I got a Nexus.

So far I like it, I am able to record and hear more the the show. It came with the home dock, and I am going to purchase a car dock from next week (to replace my roady)

I have 2 questions though.

1. The Nexus has a Firmware update available, but it doesn't say what fixes it includes, do I want to install the Firmware update, or am I better off with the Firmware it came with. I know sometimes firmware updates suck.

2. What is this XM passport? From what little I read on the interweb, it was supposed to be great, the future. However i cant find anymore info than that. Do I have to take both my Nexus and the passport from the home cradle and put them both in the car cradle to have the Nexus get live XM in my car? Any benefits to have the passport?

Thanks in advance!


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Oct 13, 2004
i believe the napster update program makes you update, it doesn't do anything bad to it, mine's been fine, no changes that I could tell, granted i only used it for a little over an hour before I installed napster and the update.

As far as the passport, yeah you have to take both with you. I suppose it helps out with the size of the Nexus itself which is awesome for portable use of recorded stuff/mp3s which you don't need the passport for. I kept hearing the passport will eliminate the need for the circuitry in the radios, and if the radio fucks up you can just get something else that uses the passport, but that's limited right now, and to me it's just an extra component to break or fuck up, but so far so good.


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Dec 9, 2004
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I noticed that after I updated mine it would cut off the last 5 seconds or so of a recorded song.

As for the passport, don't get alarmed at how hot it gets, it is normal. The only things I can see that also use it are XM ready home theater systems, but to use them with it you have to get another dock.
I have had my Nexus for about a year and love it. Someday I will get an Inno but until then I am quite happy with my Nexus.


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Feb 21, 2007
Got my car cradle from the other day. Damn fine service and shipping, just had to give them a plug.
Jun 2, 2005
A little off topic, but I wish cell phone carriers would just allow a full XM line up in their streaming music packages. It would be so much easier to just plug my Blackberry into my car stereo and plug it into the car charger. All XM, no extra gadgets to carry around.

It has XM, just a limited line-up. I haven't activated it because there's no 202.