Nice Gun


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
i was going to buy one, i passed because it was a little large, i still might because the fucking hand cannon i did buy is way too heavy. i want something to carry when bird hunting for shooting snakes


Who is John Galt?
It's a fucking joke gun for crazy asses in the world. They market that gun to dumbshits who are frightened by the news and think a pistol that shoots a shotgun round has be the best gun in the world. Anyone who is in the middle of a car jacking where the jacker has a weapon fixed on you would not even attempt to pull out a gun. The smart guy would give up his car and walk away with his life. The only time you should attempt to shoot a car jacker is if he has a knife or close range weapon and he's more than five feet from you. And anyone who's home is invaded would be smart to have a large shotgun or a large caliber pistol. Not a gun that does both.