nickname for the board?


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i was just wondering, with being called the "home of the O & A army" i was wondering if we needed a nickname here. like, "the home of the O & A CIA" or "the home of the O & A secret police" or maybe best yet, "the home of O & A's intelligent listeners". so make your own suggestions if you want or take one of mine.
I don't know how I feel about that.....And anyway, the O&A Army refers to all of their listeners...not just board members. They used the same title for their listeners up in Boston....The members of the other board kind of use it to only mean them....but O&A don't!!


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How bout NICK- for a nick name or The O n A Loyal Royal Army
or the Natural Guard
All I know is Im there if you need me
Hey listen we are all the ARMY only different chapters or divisions if I may.

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