Nicole Atkins!


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Im going out as soon as the weather clears to buy the album. Maybe not today maybe not tomorrow, it is the craziest fucking winter in my memory atleast.

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Kind of cute... for a jersey girl!:action-sm

oh... and her music was good too!


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now i have to go listen to today's ron and fez show. she's getting a lot of respect now. pretty cool to see someone from my old stomping grounds get that respect without needing to wave the jersey flag.

i first heard of her on NY Noise, which is on WNYC. she's got a few videos on youtube.


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I liked her sound, in today's world of corporate managed music it's cool to hear something different and original.
I thought it was really good. Worth the 8 bucks on itunes, plus it supports an upcoming artist.
I thought she was fantastic. I was really moved by her sound. As soon as the show ended, I went to amazon and bought the CD. I haven't actually bought a CD in years. I'm just not that into music, but this was something different.

I also enjoyed the interation with her and Dave.
i like this little piece of information from a small piece in Rolling Stone (ugh) about her:

SO MUCH MORE Atkins, an illustration student in college, is a visual artist and designer as well. She also has a musical side project in the works: an all-girl metal band called Cunt. "We're going to sound like a heavier version of Alice in Chains," she says. "It's going to be sick."
Just listening to the show now...I guess me and Ronny B. think alike since the first thing I thought of when I heard "The Way It Is" (the second song they played) I thought that that song had to be the next Bond theme, or at the very least in a movie of some sort.


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It was particularly nice that she had legitimate "moments" and memories with Dave. watching infomercials on new year's eve and playing the coffeehouse gigs.

she sounded surprised that she was on Dave's "list" way back when -
i guess after that comment she once made about redheads, Dave wouldn't had been able to get with her even if he tried.


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I'm definitely going to see one of her performances during SXSW. She is one of the Buzz acts during that music fest.
Was this Dave's booking, I wonder how Earl is doing with anyone from the Rolling Stones.
Not normally my kinda music but I found myself really liking it. And she seemed like just a nice normal girl.


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I LOVE The Way It Is.

Nicole Atkins is about 500 million times better than Amy Winehouse in every way. And I also love her calling it "pop-noir". It's the exact feeling I got when I heard that song.


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She was a great guest. She's got a powerful voice and a really nice personality too.

I hope they get her back in the studio in the future.


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I just might have to check out her performance at Bonnaroo this year.


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Just caught the show from the other day.
I found nothing wrong with her tunes. I liked her voice.


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She definitely sounded great and I'll most likely be getting her CD.