Nicole Richie and her Mistake in a Bikini


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She's a disgusting cumdumpster. Any chick who'd do SteveO has to be a walking VD factory. Chlamydia anyone?
She's way too skinny to be pregnant, that baby is gonna come out looking like an ethiopian.


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I don't see the problem.

Then again, pregnant bitches is one of my few remaining unexplored fetishes.
She is not the best looking person in the world or anything, but she is pregnant. I could care less about her, but no one pregant looks good in a bikini. (Unless you ask Opie, he love the preggos!)

Joe Avezzano

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What an awful ass she has. She should be laying on you-know-who's yacht with her back to you.


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#1 = She is hot

#2= she is pregnant in that pic

#3= she is rich

#4= She is hot
Let me fix this for you:

#1 = She was always nasty.

#2= now she is nasty and pregnant in that pic

#3= she is a god damn rich cunt

#4= She will always be nasty
I'd only hit it if I she gave me the big clay Lionel Richie Head so I could put it in my entryway.

Aside from that, I've never really been into her.