Nirvana Unplugged DVD Finally Being Released


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Fuck yeah, yo.

"Nirvana's legendary 'MTV Unplugged In New York' performance is finally set to be released on DVD, nearly 14 years to the day from when it was performed.

The DVD will contain both the original broadcast of the show and the complete unedited version of the set with 5.1 Surround Sound..."

I've been waiting 14 years for this to happen. YouTube is only so good for stuff like this.


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That Unplugged was the single greatest moment of MTV history.


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I am going to purchase that as soon as possible.

I hope someone has a pre-order, before the release on November 19th.

I can not wait to see/hear/enjoy this.

I want that uncut performance sooooo bad!


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This makes me really happy, I've had an old worn out VCR recording of this for ages. On a side not If you really enjoy this concert I highly recommend picking up Alice In Chains unplugged. These are two very good concerts.

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Fucking sweet. I was actually just thinking about this show a couple of days ago. I am just starting to learn guitar, and the first song I have learned is from this show. Jesus Don't Want Me For A Sunbeam



Hopefully they hope to release the Pearl Jam show as well

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I'm really surprised this hasn't been released yet. Wow.


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I'm really surprised this hasn't been released yet. Wow.
yeah, this has been held over Nirvana fans for a long time!

i dont know whos fault it is (Mtv, courtney love, etc.), but it just hurts the fans in the end.


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I remember seeing this when I was in 6th fucking grade. Amazing they are finally releasing it.


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I've always liked Nirvana (even before Kurdt died), but as far as 90's bands from around the time, I personally thought AIC was better and more unique.