Nit-picking about the new studio


Other then the obvious phone issues, CD delays, et al, I have one gripe, however insignificant it is, with the show in the new studio: The squeaks from moving the mics. I know O&A had the issue a long time ago, and XM was reticent in using white lithium grease because it wouldn't look good. But how many people actually see the studio, and even less so the mic stands. Would one of the "producers" get some god damn grease on the stands, or get someone to.


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I thought that was just Fez farting. Farting over and over and over and over again.


If Earl would just stop himself from using the grease to keep from getting ashy it would be fixed. :action-sm

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But the mic squeek is the sound of the day for the contest. If they fix it, then how would people know when to call?


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If this hasn't been brought to R&F's attention by now everyone there needs to go. I've heard the mic noise from day one and have been waiting for them to fix it and have even thought about e-mailing Ron to find out if he's even been told about this.


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i thought that was moving around in a chair. yeah that is pretty fucking annoying whatever it is.

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Someone should e-mail the new EP. He'll take care of it.