No F'N Twinkies


Darkness always says hello.
I honestly hope your youtube channel is banned and deleted for no good reason at all.

Where are all the shoutouts to wackbag? I want to have my motherfucking name mentioned, mostly because I have seen more of your shitty videos than anyone else. I EARNED THAT SHIT.


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More importantly who punched you the fuck out?


Darkness always says hello.
The two idiots know of eachother on the youtube, its time for a crossover!


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Are these videos actually being made by this GlenathonMcD guy? He's been lurking about here on the board, cranking out these shitty videos, and none of us has noticed until now?

You're not funny dude. I know I'm not funny either, but at least I don't make lame videos showcasing my lack of teh funny.


I want to fuck your girlfriend.
Why is this cunt on here? He only posts his own shitty videos.

Creasy Bear

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This guy should definitely team up with the retarded grandfather videos guy. If they combine their lack of talent, I'm sure they could make videos that are twice as awful as their solo efforts.


well shit the bed
i'd rather see carrot top live than watch more than 15 seconds of this video. if you want to make a hilarious video, record your suicide.