no more w.o,w in times square


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the took down the w.o.w sign in times square
I was in NYC driving through Times Square like 2 or 3 weeks ago and i saw the WOW Billboard... How long was it up for? Maybe there gonna put a new WOW Billboard up there.

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that fuckin sux ass big time
why would they take that down fuckin assholes
There must be a explination for this. I tell you maybe they are gonna put up another O&A Billboard with Pictures or something.
Yeah, I was in Times Square yesterday and looked around, but couldn't find it. That sucks that I never got to see it.


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Hey mike welcome to wackbag...
I saw the sign a while ago it is a huge f-ing WOW SIGN very cool looking..
so sad they took it down


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Opie said a couple of days ago that the
ad campaign was alomost over and a lot
of the signs were coming down.

They pay for the amount of time they
are up.


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and now they but up the billborad for the show by miss C lewis


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It was cool while it lasted. It's not everyday you see a 3 story high sign that is telling you to whip out your titties. It was there and I am sure alot of people seen it. It will probably be back up periodically.