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Home Invader Arrested after Twice Going into Couple's Home: Police

Euron Matthews, of Joliet, allegedly attacked a man and woman and threatened them with a gun, Will County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Kathy Hoffmeyer said.

Posted by Karen Sorensen (Editor) , August 05, 2013 at 04:16 PM

A Joliet man who twice entered a couple's home Sunday to attack and threaten them has been arrested on home invasion charges, a Will County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman said.

Euron Matthews, 42, 201 Bradford, Joliet, is accused of going into a home in the 100 block of Princeton in Lockport Township at about 3:40 a.m. and attacking the 33-year-old woman and 29-year-old man who lived there, Kathy Hoffmeyer said.

The couple had been awakened by Matthews knocking on their bedroom window, and by the
time they'd gotten out of bed, Matthews was already in the house, Hoffmeyer said. There was
no sign of forced entry.

Matthews pushed the woman to the floor and "lunged" at the man, she said. As the two men
fought, the woman called the police, prompting Matthews to flee, she said.

About four hours later, Matthews returned with a gun, came into the house and made
undisclosed threats, Hoffmeyer said. This time, police arrived while he was still there and after
several requests that he give himself up, they were finally able to take him into custody, she

Matthews was charged with home invasion, aggravated assault, felon in possession of a
weapon, criminal trespass to property, battery and assault. He is being held in the Will County

According to Will County Circuit Clerk's Office records, Matthews has a lengthy criminal past,
including arrests on charges of manufacture/delivery of 1 to 15 grams of cocaine, aggravated
unlawful used of a weapon, criminal drug conspiracy, possession of cannabis and
receiving/possessing/selling stolen goods.

He has served at least one prison term but no information on his conviction was available


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He's brave. How did he know these homeowners weren't carrying concealed weapons on them?