Nobody Likes Onions


I'm Biv Dick Black, the Over Poster.
I highly recomend this show. Some funny shit here. I started at episode one and have listened to about seven of them and I'm sold. They are very rough, obviously learning as they go, but there is a natural talent.

NLO 204 "Poo Penis" may be a good intro into the show, it was for me.
yea i tried listening to that podcast a while ago. The main guy of the show isn't to bad. the rest of the guys seem really hacky. That show just seemed to piss me off to much to really enjoy it.

Glenn Dandy

I think their pretty good, kinda like a O&A for college kids. Its nice on the podcast to, so far they have said Spic, faggots, and retards in the last minute.

lol,,, he just said retarts have " Super spider monkey strenght".... Im loffing.,


I'm Biv Dick Black, the Over Poster.
Wow, is this forum hopping or what?