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Why didn't HBO give Lucky Louie a 2nd second season but granted Boring as Fuck Big Love a 2nd season with tons of promotion? And I refuse to believe that it was simply a sitcom that couldn't survive - Didn't Arliss go like six seasons?!?

Never really got an answer on this. Didn't the composite numbers for a full week of Louie viewings (original airing, daily replays, On Demand) compare favorably with other non-Sopranos programming? Was the critic backlash too much for HBO to deal with? Did Louis demand too much of them? Or were they worried just how far the writers were going to push the storylines?

Note: This is not a Jimmy ass-kissing thread. I legitimately loved the show and felt it was to the standard sitcom what Chappelle's Show was to sketch comedy. It was a bit rough in spots and apparently the directors used an egg timer to figure out how long to film for (I think the 4th of July episode ran about 18 minutes) but few season ones of a sitcom are genuinely funny (Seinfeld, Cheers, Night Court, Married with Children, even The Simpsons all had shitty first seasons so Louie had nowhere to go but up.)

With the daily promotion on a national platform (O&A) not to mention the upcoming loss of Sopranos, you'd think they'd want to keep an edgy program on board.
O....K. Never said Wackbaggers were a predictable bunch.

Then does anyone know why Lucky Louie got the quick hook then?


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Then does anyone know why Lucky Louie got the quick hook then?
Jimmy is perhaps the funniest person that ever lived but that show was not good. Not even a little.
Jimmy is perhaps the funniest person that ever lived but that show was not good. Not even a little.
I didn't care much for the daughter, Rick Shapiro, Jerry Minor or his wife but the other half of the cast was hilarious. I never thought the little girl that played a boy vying for Bull's fatherly affection (on Night Court) would grow up to be such a wiseass (with a tight little bod.) And I never knew how funny Louie was until that show came out.

Again, some of it was rough, but you need to give shows like that more than one season.

I tried watching 2 episodes of Big Love. Saw Bill Paxton's ass and was generally bored. Unlike a sitcom, a serial drama has to draw you in in order to keep you interested. It didn't for me. To each his/her own.

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I started a dedicated thread for Big Love - Season II.

Lucky Louie was a good show and should have been given another season. The bottom line is that HBO isn't 1/2 as edgy as they think (and try to claim) they are.


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Carnivale was kick ass

I think Lucky Louie came off as...a season of pilot just didn't come off as being well-done.

And, they didn't like what Jimmy did with his hands.


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Big Love would have been a great miniseries, but they ran out of ideas after 5 episodes. Some of the worst writing I've ever seen. You could almost tell they wrote the scripts from their initial brainstorming sessions. The acting is very good, and a nice cast. Just wasted in a show with no direction.

To answer your question, I think the Lucky Louie numbers may have been spin on Louie and Jimmy's fault, I'm afraid. They were comparing On Demand numbers plus total viewers for all showings for the week with Entourage's ratings for their initial showing of the week. Not exactly apples to apples, there.

Bottom line, the ratings were meager, the acting was atrocious, (although it did improve greatly as the season went on) and the buzz was almost ALL negative. Not much incentive for them to bring it back. If the DVD sales had been better it may have had a shot, but no dice there, either. Truth sucks sometimes.


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big love is ok but carnivale and deadwood were 10x better
I don't think I said Big Love was better than CN or DW. CN was fucking nuts. And Deadwood was amazing.

I wouldn't have minded a Lucky Louie Season 2 and I definitely think the show got more solid footing as it went on but I wasn't particularly attached to it.
only reason I keep HBO now is 'cause of Entourage and The Wire,The wire is the best show they have on now but that only has 1 more season too I think


He was stupid. I was lucky. I will visit him soon.
Still an Entourage fan and I will definitely watch the Deadwood finales if they ever come out.


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the first part of the just didnt work for me. i hung in there and by the end of the season it was getting a lot better. a second season would have been much better. i would have hated to lose jimmy for the length of the production, but would love seeing his creepy, adorable face on my television.