Norton will eat anything


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Dayem Norton You R a Skeeveless S.O.B
The Stripper (cough cough) I mean dancer shot a Ice Cube from her C and it flew right into Nortons mouth
:rolleyes:Now thats the p ause that refreshes

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That Vos and Noris are still fighting each other.

Bruce Cambell is going for a book signing today in Huntington and his Birthday is today and he screams like a girl.

O&A are going to be syndicated to Dallas, Texas on Monday. :rolleyes: :( :rolleyes:

Cleveland next week. Here comes the Cleveland Steamer.


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The Cleveland Steamer is great but as for Dallas hmmmmmm we will have to see this one... What r they wearing more these days their gun holsters or their Bible belts????????? :rolleyes:

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I learned that Nortons roomate is switching to plastic forks in there apt.


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all I know is I will never woo woo norton again. PS Hey Norton. WOO WOO