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Norton is funny most of the time well in fact all of the time but just not four hours a day everyday. maybe once a week. I mean look what happened to the Diceman. :eek:


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I dont know I guess i dont mind the guy bein on the show all the time..
He is cool as hell I like him and very funny also


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I really dont mind either.... he is a funny fellow.... where the hell did those words come from? Dayem I am gettin old... :eek:


Hey I'm new on the board, and my first order of business is to say that Norton Rules!! I think he's a riot , and I like his brand of humor. I wish i got tix for his show up here in Boston, but I'm a slacker and waited too long, and now theyre sold out.. :D :D


Norton Rules even when he Sucks, His stand up is incredible. If you have not seen it check it out on Foundry Music. Its his appearance from premium blend. I emailed him and told him if he need a place to crash in DC he could stay at my place. He replied and said "thanks chris, I think im gonna get a hotel, I would not wanna wack my bag all over your bathroom!!!!!" I stink, Jim Norton.

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holy shit norton is good when he is piss off
:D :D :D :D


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Interesting article about Norton

Radio Revives Comic's Career
(Revives? you can't revive something that's very much alive.) ;)

The last time comedian Jim Norton performed in the Boston area, he was on a bill at Andover's Comedy Palace with headliner Andrew Dice Clay. Ask a handful of established Boston comics if they know anything about Norton, and they'll just shrug their shoulders.

So why is Norton performing at Avalon tonight in a long sold-out gig? Why is the show part of a mini-tour that includes a 1,500-seat venue in New York City and a five-show stand in Philly for nearly 2,500 people?

The answer in three words: ``Opie and Anthony.''

Norton is the comic sidekick to the one-time Boston shock-talk duo that now has a nationally syndicated show heard locally on WBCN-FM (104.1) weekdays from 3-7 p.m.

Norton is the show's self-professed ``sniper,'' willing to say almost anything about almost anyone. Christopher Reeve, Princess Diana, John F. Kennedy Jr. - Norton has made bad jokes about all of them.

``I'm a pig, man, I'm awful,'' he admitted. ``But it's the way my mind has always worked. For me, the challenge is to make something funny out of something that isn't funny to most people. I hate the term `shock value' in comedy. People will either laugh or they won't laugh. Something's either funny or it's not funny.''

Norton hooked up with Opie and Anthony nearly two years ago after he first did their show with Dice Clay, and he knows the regular radio gig has jump-started his career. But the New Jersey native has been doing stand-up comedy for more than a dozen years. He has performed at both the Aspen Comedy Fest and Montreal's annual Just For Laughs event.

``I always wanted to do stand-up since I saw Richard Pryor on HBO back in 1980 when I was 11,'' he said. ``I've always wanted to be a good comic more than anything else.''

He didn't start out as one. ``The first time I tried stand-up was in a bar, and I bombed,'' he said. ``I bombed badly. I'm dirty now. I was filthy then, and it got to the point where I used to hope my shows would get canceled so I wouldn't have to go onstage.''

These days, Norton will try to cram as many as eight gigs into a single night if he's making the rounds of New York City's comedy clubs. He's not much of a writer, so he depends on the constant performing to come up with new material.

His Avalon show will include about an hour of stage time. Opie and Anthony will be doing their syndicated show today from WBCN's studios and are expected to be at Avalon.

``I genuinely like those dudes,'' Norton said, ``and they already have a great show without me. I know that. I'm not like a third partner or anything, I just fire some lines in here and there. I also know when to step back, let them roll and be a spectator.

``I'm the same person onstage that I am on the radio,'' he said. ``I just curse more onstage . . . and it's nice to know there are 850 people in Boston willing to throw their money down the toilet to see me.''
When Jim Norton takes the stage people notice! Unique to any other comedian, this baby face comic has branded his own style of comedy. His cutting edge humor and dynamic presence quenches the audience's appetite for laughter. Jim touches on so many hysterically funny, real life situations.

His rapid-fire style of comedy has gained him a spot on NBC's Friday Night Videos, Comedy Central's Stand-up Stand-up, Carolines Comedy, Louie Anderson's Comedy Special and the college and club circuit across the Unites States.

He's a special comic that can tackle any issues from childhood to today's headlines. He will keep you on the edge of your seat!


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I will give One, not a TWO Dollar bill, for "Lil Jimmie to tussle my head...(note to self, don't gel or spray, your mall hair)YEAH I"M FROM JOISEY :pp:


Originally posted by Resin
I will give One, not a TWO Dollar bill, for "Lil Jimmie to tussle my head...(note to self, don't gel or spray, your mall hair)YEAH I"M FROM JOISEY :pp:
you say this like it's a bad thing?!?!?! i've had my fun with a few joisey girls downtheshore, wildwood, back in the day! ;) ;)

you gotta love the joisey girls!! :love: :love: :tape4:


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Have the boys not learn that Norton is the biggest Ozzy fan out there