Not-Okay Touching - Pooh Corner 1983-1987


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Aug 14, 2000

DrTravisto said:
Lyrics: "Say no, stop that its not okay with me, no dont do that I have the right you see, my body is my very own thats how its got to be,I've learned this is the time to say its not okay with me. No stop that its really not okay no dont do that, take your hands away, I know Im not at all to blame Ive done nothing bad, and now Im going right away to tell my mom and dad!"

Remember that show pooh corner? The really bad live action Winnie the Pooh show, with the horrible costumes? Well they once had A Don't Talk to Strangers Special and this is a clip from it, I found the whole special on a tape deep in my closet... Anyway, this is a clip from it talking about Not-Okay Touching from Strangers, and its hillarious, so hillarious you can hear the actor playing pooh sort of laugh during their first song, and sorry about the low quality at parts, its a oooooooold tape


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May 25, 2005
"I'm not good at saying no."

I always knew piglet was gay.

Razor Roman

Aug 27, 2002
Sayreville NJ
Damn man... blast from the past. Welcome to Pooh Corner and Dumbo's Circus were my two favorite shows on the Disney Channel when it first came on in like 1983.... channel used to only be on from like 6am to 10pm or something at first.

Those voices on the Pooh Corner show were AWFUL! I Don't know why they didn't use the original Tigger voice, as he was alive and well and provided the voice for tigger as late as 1999 when he recorded it for the Pooh ride at Disney World (Paul Winchell "inventor of the artificial heart") and I guess this was after Sterling Holloway died but before Jim Cummings came on the scene.

Hal Smith who did Pooh's voice on this show was also the voice of Goofy in Mickey's Xmas Carol and did a crappy job of that, too.

I'm obsessing too much over character voices now.