Notre Dame Cathedral is burning to the ground right now in Paris..


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It may cost a bit more to renovate now.

Paris emergency services said they were trying to salvage the artwork stored in the cathedral.

Wonder what pieces or art is/was there. The bronze statues were removed last week for renovation, so they have thatgoing for them.
The biggest one everyone is worried about is a piece of Christ's (alleged) crown of thorns.


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I guess this is more dignified than being converted to a mosque 50 years from now.


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Regardless, SOMEBODY is going to hear about this one their review
Uh-oh, spaghetti-os!


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Paris police say they saved the main structure.


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Pretty amazing actually.
@BreakingNLive: BREAKING: AMAZING: Interior of the Notre Dame Cathedral still pretty much in tact. Pulpit, part of the Alter still in tact. Cross still standing:
I’m not religious by any stretch but you have to feel really shitty that this 900 year old marvel of human engineering and art was virtually destroyed. It’s a dam shame.