well shit the bed
i was listening to bob kelly's podcast this week and it made me want to get something to make juice and he was raving about this thing. tech bobby may have gotten that as a lil gift, i don't know. but i'm wondering if it's any good.
i don't feel like shelling out $300+ for a good juicer but would like to know if this is a swell alternative.
and sadly, this is the only place i trust a consumer review. from a pack of sociopaths.

Chino Kapone

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Okay... I like juicing, some people like blending like using a nutribullett. I have a ninja, which is the same thing as a nutribullett.

Basically, juicing gets rid of the skins and just extracts the juice. A nutribullett blends everything together, like the skins and rines. It is chunkier than I like, but to each their own.

Drew is awesome, but kind of a weirdo. He has the best juice recipes.


well shit the bed
i was out shopping with my mom and the ninja was on sale at macy's for 83.99 so i grabbed one. and got some cheap travel cups with screw on lids and a big ass pitcher for cheaper than a nutribullet.
also, if you do buy a nutribullet at target, you get a $10 gift card with the purchase.