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May 31, 2001 -- FIVE months after Infinity inked a $100-million, eleventh-hour renewal for Howard Stern, a similar drama is consuming Opie & Anthony, the top-rated afternoon team.
"We found out today that WNEW . . . is now playing hardball and saying they could force us to stay [while talks continue] after years of not being taken care of,"Opie told listeners yesterday on the eve of the expiration of their first contract.

"It's not true that we're playing games like some are saying,"Opie insisted. "I'm sick of this crap and would leave tomorrow if I could."

Opie & Anthony, both Long Island natives, arrived at WNEW via Boston three years ago - about a year before the station dumped its famous but faded rock format for all-talk.

"We've been carrying the station on our back for a really long time and, quite frankly, the load is getting pretty heavy,"Opie grumbled.

"We've been gagged, crapped on, promised things that never materialized. It's just ridiculous,"moaned partner Anthony Cumia - referring in part to the corporate prohibition that they not mention Howard Stern's name.

Reliable sources say Infinity's arch-rival, the even-larger Clear Channel radio group, has made a serious run at "O & A."

Anything can happen with radio negotiations, but inside sources tell The Post that Infinity plans to do whatever it takes to keep the pair and plans to syndicate them in several cities.


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I read that this morning. It looks like Mr. Manelli was listening pretty closely to the show on wed. I buy both the post and Daily news everyday, just to see if there is an article about the show. Usaully if I find an article about the show, it's in the post.


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It sounds like they will keep them but if they dont um a well their loss O n A will do well wherever they go
PS Stern wasnt a drama it was a stupid radio stunt OnA now thats drama
Pretty good article. Yeah i hardly ever see there names mentioned in the Daily News. I think i fell down last week when i looked at the News and saw O&A's show listed in the radio highlights.


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Yeah I know Jay, they never seem to be in there. Did you really see them in the radio highlights? I check every so often, but usaully I don't bother cause it's never there.
Yes i was shocked it was one day last week but i never scene it again.


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I can't believe it, I don't check it and it finally happens. That's wierd cause they never put in there. It's always some gay shit.
Yeah i know and half the time there listings are wrong anyway like for example they have FAN listed and tonight at Midnight on FAN they have Joe Beningo listed and he is only on Weeknights overnight Sunday to Thursday.