NY State Brilliance: Game Retailers as Felons?


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They're actually aware of the precedents set in other states but hey, fuck it, lets go for it anyway. Here's a link but the gist of it is quoted below:

It’s looking more and more as if New York State will become this year’s legislative battleground for the video game industry.

But first Democratic and Republican legislators in the Empire State will need to reach consensus on competing bills.

Recently, GamePolitics reported on a video game bill passed by the New York State Senate. That bill, S05888, was sponsored by Sen. Andrew Lanza (R) and backed by Senate Republicans.

Now comes word that the Democratic-controlled Assembly has its own video game legislation in the works. The measure was proposed by Assemblyman Joseph Lentol (D, left) and co-sponsored by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D) and Assemblywoman Audrey Pheffer (D). It is believed that this bill is favored by Gov. Eliot Spitzer (D), who promised to legislate violent video games during his 2006 election campaign.

While A08696 shares some aspects of the Senate bill, it has tough provisions of its own:

1.) selling or renting to a minor a game which includes “depraved violence and indecent images” would be a class E felony under the state penal code

“Depraved” violence is defined in the bill as “****, dismemberment, physical torture, mutilation or evisceration of a human being.”

2.) every new video game console sold in New York State would be required to contain built-in parental control technology, or, as the language in the bill puts it:

…a mechanism, device or control system that allows an owner, through the use of a personal identification number, password or similar technology, to prevent the display of video games, or portions thereof containing certain content…

This section of the law authorizes the state attorney general to petition the court system for an injunction blocking further sales of consoles not equipped with parental control features. The language of the bill specifically exempts computers and handheld systems from this provision.

3.) Like the Lanza bill passed in the Senate, A08696 would create an Advisory Council on Interactive Media and Youth Violence. This group would make recommendations and evaluate research on interactive media and violent behavior among children. The group would also review the ESRB system

4.) The measure contains a severability clause, which states that if any portion of the proposed law is found to be unconstitutional, such a ruling would not invalidate the other sections.

If passed and signed into law by Gov. Spitzer, the enforceable sections would take effect in 120 days. The State Assembly goes into recess on June 21st, so look for this bill to move quickly through the legislative process.

GP: The parental controls provisions would already seem to be in place for systems offered by the Big 3 console manufacturers.​
I love how they insist on all consoles needing parental controls installed. Every consoles has such capabilities but that won't stop these pieces of shit from taking credit for it anyhow. Thats like car manufacturers building cars incapable of going over 55mph and then passing a bill for a 55mph speed limit. "Look what I did!"

Cunts :rolleyes:


Those useless sacks of shit should be hung for wasting time on petty nonsense.