NYPD investigating Officers for Steroid use


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Jan 26, 2005
New York -October 17, 2007 - Police say they've uncovered a steroid ring that may be linked to pro-athletes, the mob -- and it has the NYPD looking into some of its own officers.

This is a far reaching investigation that is just getting started. Police say an illegal drug ring was being run right out of this Bay Ridge pharmacy. And as of today they were still filling prescriptions.

Lowen's Pharmacy is a mom & pop store that has been a fixture in Bay Ridge since 1953. Long time patrons have been quick to defend the owner.

One customer said, "the guy that runs this place, he wouldn't be into anything shady like this. I've know that man for over 30 years, he's worked hard all of his life."

The pharmacy owner has not been charged but his former son-inlaw has.

Plus the NYPD says at least half a dozen cops are under investigation for allegedly buying steroids from an illegal drug ring which has been linked to several major league baseball players.

Pharmacy records have led investigators to question the purchases of at least six current police officers. Police brass say the steroids investigation is expected to grow. But, none of the officers will be arrested. Instead, they would face disciplinary action.

Investigators from the state bureau of narcotic enforcement -- first raided Lowen's in May. The pharmacy was raided again, Monday, and authorities reportedly seized about eight million dollars worth of steroids and human growth hormone. Records show the pharmacy may have processed $30 million worth of drugs in the last year.

"They came in here about two months ago and cleaned all their computers and found that they had faxes coming in for orders of steroids. It would be pretty stupid to come two months later and do it again,"

Another layer to this investigation is that it may have ties to organized crime. One of the co-owners of the pharmacy is the son to a man that has spent the last year in prison, for helping the Gambino crime family extort $3 million from the action star, Steven Seagal.


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Oct 3, 2004
that pharmacy is a few feet from my place. stalker patti knows the area too, she mentioned her favorite place in the world to eat is across the street.