O& A and Don and Mike.

You know, i've been listenting to O & A since late 98, and I've always wondered, what was the deal w/them and Don and Mike? I remember awhile back that D&M said that they made amends w/O&A at the Infinity X-mas party, and I know both crews have been on each others shows before. Are they friends, or bitter enemies? And was Opie's bowling remark a shot at D & M? Always wondered this.

P.S.-Fuck the Afghani Bastards, USA will stand tall.


As someone who has lived in DC for most of my life I have to say D & M suck and I am so glad that O & A took their timeslot. There is no comparison between the two shows. O&A Rules!!

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There is an Understanding between shows that the fighting was started by enraged fanatically fans.


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They are cool with each other. Though if you have noticed there have been little jabs lately, at Don and Mike's little bowling promotion, whooah hoh, wacky. It's all in good fun. Opie is getting the of that mean streak back. I think he was only poking fun because Don & Mike didn't clean up after the pukefest they had in the studio. Opie seemed alittle peed about that.